sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2012

About this blog

So here is some info about things this blog will consict:
Rian the talking Marmot (series of comic strips made by me, Shade of Dawn. I try to add new comic once in a week and omce in a while I will add some of my other works.  I have published my comic series in facebook over a year but now I decided to make my own blog where to publish it so I will continue publisihing my comic here from that point where it was left in the facebook. All comics which I have published already in facebook will be added here under the title: Old Rian's, New one will be added once in a week.

So those who read this blog I hope you will comment on my works and my writings about those works. Do not mind if my writings concist spelling errors because I have an dyslexia.
Well one more thing I will mostly ubtade this blog in english but sometimes I might add some ubtades in finnish.

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