keskiviikko 13. kesäkuuta 2012

Where is Rian ?

Well you may have noticed that Rian has not been published for some time... Well reason for that is simply the fact that I have run out of ideas... I haven't told you this earlier because I have had so much to do and I had some minor technical problems also...

So those who whish to see Rian again: Be patient I gather some ideas and write some new ones and start publishing again probably some time during August or September... 

Meantime I focus to my art studies, at the moment I am studying the anatomy of human in order to be able to draw figures better... Main reason for my studies is that I plan a new cartoon whit little bit better drawing style and bit more dark themed actually a lot more dark themed... But no more of that now since I am no even sure will I ever do that new cartoon.

 Well what more I could say: I just graduated from high school and try to go studying graphical design during next year after I have accomplished my army... Or then I try to get in a art university... well I am not sure is it university but something like that... Here in Finland it goes by name: Kuvataideakatemia which is in English: Art Academy

Well In the end I want to say: Adrian Von Ziegler is a great composer... Well let the music speak: 
The Stormbringer
Dance whit the trees 
Breath of the Forest
Feather and Skull

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